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Determining the solar capacity required to power your house depends on several factors, including your energy consumption, geographic location, available roof space, and the efficiency of the solar panels. Here’s a response that you can consider for your FAQ:

Solar energy, characterized by radiant light and heat from the sun, stands as an infinitely renewable resource. Its ability to generate power quietly, cleanly, and consistently sets it apart. At Jblot Green Tech Solution, we specialize in providing efficient solutions that harness this abundant solar energy. Our aim is to generate enough electricity to power residential and commercial properties while promoting sustainable practices. With our commitment to harnessing the sun's potential, we enable you to embrace clean energy and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Together, let's pave the way towards a brighter tomorrow.

  • The solar capacity needed to power your house will vary based on your specific energy needs and location. To determine the ideal solar capacity for your home, we recommend conducting a personalized energy assessment yourself or contact our team of experts to analyze your energy usage, and evaluate your roof's solar potential. By taking these factors into account, we can design a tailored solar system that best matches your needs, ensuring optimal energy production and cost-effectiveness.

For a precise assessment of the cost to power your house with solar, we recommend contacting our solar consultant for an energy audit. This thorough evaluation will help us determine the exact solar system requirements and provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the installation.

- Solar helps you save significantly on electricity costs.

- It operates silently, unlike noisy generators.

- Being pollution-free, it promotes a cleaner environment.

- Solar energy is renewable, ensuring a sustainable future.

- Schedule an energy audit with our consultant for a tailored solution.

Contact us today to explore the benefits of solar energy for your home.

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Contact us today to explore the benefits of solar energy for your home.

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Feedbacks from our happy clients

Mr Godwin

A Solar Experience Like No Other with Jblot Green Tech Solution. I discovered Jblot Green Tech Solution through a friend's recommendation and was impressed from the start. The solar installation has transformed my home's energy efficiency and comfort. The team's professionalism and prompt service were exceptional. Highly recommend

Dr Peter Olatunji Customer Review from a Past University Lecturer

Highly Impressed.
As a former student in the uni, I am amazed by Jblot Green Tech Solution's expertise in the solar industry. The solar system they installed has been exceptional, providing reliable power and significant savings. Highly recommend their top-notch solar solutions!

Mr. Kayode Green Energy Solution that Delivers with Jblot Green Tech Solution

After learning about Jblot Green Tech Solution on instagram, we decided to switch to solar for our home. The results have been phenomenal - lower energy bills and a greener footprint. The team's friendly and knowledgeable service made the transition seamless. Highly satisfied!

Mr. Timothy Ayodele O Trusted Solar Partner with Jblot Green Tech Solution!

I've been using Jblot Green Tech Solution for several years, and their commitment to excellence is unmatched. From installation to maintenance, their team has been responsive and professional. The solar system provides consistent power, and I'm glad to be contributing to sustainability. Highly recommended!

Mr. Lekan Exceptional Service, Exceptional Solar with Jblot Green Tech Solution

Jblot Green Tech Solution stands out for their top-tier solar products and outstanding customer service. The team's attention to detail during the installation impressed me. I now enjoy clean energy and significant savings on my bills. Their expertise and reliability make them my go-to solar provider.

Pastor Ibukun Lawson A Solar Journey Worth Taking with Jblot Green Tech Solution

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