1.5KVA (12v) Package


Include-in package

  • Panel:       180watts x4
  • Battery:     220Ah
  • Controller: 60A
  • Inverter:    1kva

Load to power

  • TV
  • Bulbs
  • Small sized Fridge
  • Low Power Consumption Fan
  • Charging of laptop and Phone



About the package

Introducing our 1.5KVA (12v) Package, a comprehensive and efficient solution to meet your electricity needs. This package includes four high-performance 180-watt solar panels, harnessing the sun’s energy for optimal power generation. The robust 220Ah battery ensures ample energy storage, backed by a reliable 60A controller for seamless power management.

With a 1KVA inverter, enjoy a smooth transition from solar power to AC electricity, making it ideal for running essential loads like TVs, LED bulbs, small-sized fridges, low-power consumption fans, and charging laptops and phones.

Embrace this package for uninterrupted power, reduced energy bills, and a greener lifestyle. Experience the convenience and comfort it brings to your home or business while contributing to a sustainable future.

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