10KVA (48v) Package


Include-in package


Panel:         350watts x16

Battery:       220Ah x8

Controller:   80A

Inverter:      10kva


Load to power





-Low Power Consumption Fan

-Home Theater

-charging of laptop and Phone


-Pounding Machine

-1HP Borehole

-1HP Inverter AC X2



About the package

Introducing our high-performance 10KVA (48v) Package, a robust and efficient solar energy solution designed to power your essential appliances and more. This comprehensive package includes everything you need to harness the sun’s energy and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

The heart of this package lies in its impressive components:

  • Solar Panels: Our package features 16 top-of-the-line 350-watt solar panels, ensuring maximum sunlight absorption and energy conversion efficiency. These panels are built to withstand various weather conditions, providing you with reliable power for years to come.
  • Battery Bank: With 8 units of 220Ah batteries, this package boasts a powerful battery bank that can store a substantial amount of energy during peak sunlight hours. This means you can continue to power your appliances even when the sun goes down.
  • Solar Charge Controller: The 80A solar charge controller acts as the brains of the system, regulating the flow of energy between the solar panels and batteries. This ensures optimal charging and protects the batteries from overcharging.
  • Inverter: The heart of the system, the 10KVA inverter, converts the stored DC energy from the battery bank into AC power that can be used to run your household appliances.

The 10KVA (48v) Package is perfect for powering a wide range of appliances, including televisions, LED bulbs, freezers, fridges, low-power consumption fans, home theaters, laptops, phones, blenders, pounding machines, and even multiple 1HP boreholes or 1HP inverter air conditioners.

With this package, you’ll enjoy clean, sustainable energy that not only reduces your electricity bills but also minimizes your carbon footprint. Experience the convenience and freedom of solar power while ensuring a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for you and your family.

Invest in the 10KVA (48v) Package today and take control of your energy needs, knowing you have a reliable, efficient, and green power solution for your home or business.

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