1KVA (12v)Package


Include-in package

  • Panel:       180watts x4
  • Battery:      220Ah
  • Controller:  60A
  • Inverter:     1kva

Load to power

  • TV
  • Bulbs
  • Small sized Fridge
  • Charging of laptop and Phone



About the package

Introducing our reliable 1KVA (12V) Package, designed to meet your power needs efficiently and sustainably.

This comprehensive package includes four high-performance 180W solar panels, ensuring ample energy capture from the sun. The robust 220Ah battery guarantees uninterrupted power supply during low sunlight hours.

The 60A controller optimizes charging and safeguards the battery lifespan. With a powerful 1KVA inverter, you can confidently power essential household appliances like TVs, bulbs, and small-sized fridges.

Additionally, stay connected with charging provisions for laptops and phones. Embrace clean, renewable energy with this package, providing comfort and convenience while reducing your environmental impact. Empower your space with our all-inclusive 1KVA (12V) Package today.

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