2.5KVA (24v) Package



Include-in package

  • Panel:   350watts x4
  • Battery: 220Ah x2
  • Controller: 60A
  • Inverter: 2.5kva


Load to power

  • TV
  • Bulbs
  • Freezer
  • Low Power Consumption Fan
  • Home Theater
  • Charging of laptop and Phone
  • Low Power Consumption Blender
  • 0.5HP Borehole



About the package

“Introducing our 2.5KVA (24v) Package – an ideal power solution designed to meet your energy needs efficiently and sustainably. This comprehensive package includes four 350-watt solar panels, two 220Ah batteries, a 60A controller, and a powerful 2.5KVA inverter. With this setup, you can power various appliances and devices, such as TVs, bulbs, freezers, low-power consumption fans, home theaters, laptops, phones, blenders, and even a 0.5HP borehole pump.

Experience uninterrupted power supply while reducing your carbon footprint. Embrace a greener future with this reliable and cost-effective solar package, tailored to enhance your comfort and convenience.”

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