3.5KVA (24v) Package


Include-in package

  • Panel:       350watts x4
  • Battery:     220Ah x2
  • Controller: 60A
  • Inverter:     3.5kva


Load to power

  • -TV
  • -Bulbs
  • -Freezer
  • -Low Power Consumption Fan
  • -Home Theater
  • -charging of laptop and Phone
  • -Low Power Consumption Blender
  • -1HP Borehole



About the package

Introducing our 3.5KVA (24v) Package, a robust and efficient solution designed to power your essential appliances and electronics with ease. This package includes everything you need to harness the sun’s energy and enjoy reliable electricity in your home or small business.

In this comprehensive package, we provide four 350-watt solar panels, ensuring a steady influx of clean energy. Coupled with two 220Ah batteries, you can store surplus power for nighttime usage or cloudy days, guaranteeing uninterrupted electricity supply.

The 60A solar charge controller optimizes energy flow, safeguarding your system and prolonging battery life. The heart of this package lies in the powerful 3.5KVA inverter, converting DC to AC power efficiently.

With this setup, you can confidently power various appliances, such as TVs, bulbs, freezers, low power consumption fans, home theaters, laptops, and phones. Additionally, the package supports low power consumption blenders and even a 1HP borehole pump, providing convenience and comfort.

Embrace the greener, sustainable future with our 3.5KVA (24v) Package – your gateway to continuous and cost-effective power for a variety of everyday needs.

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