5KVA (48v) Package


Include-in package

  • Panel:         350watts x8
  • Battery:       220Ah x4
  • Controller:   60A
  • Inverter:      5kva

Load to power

  • -TV
  • -Bulbs
  • -Freezer
  • -Fridge
  • -Low Power Consumption Fan
  • -Home Theater
  • -charging of laptop and Phone
  • -Blender
  • -1HP Borehole
  • -1HP Inverter AC



About the package

Introducing our robust and efficient 5KVA (48v) Package, a comprehensive solution to meet your household or small business energy needs. Designed to provide seamless and reliable power supply, this package comes equipped with cutting-edge components carefully selected to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

In this package, you’ll find an array of high-quality components to harness the sun’s energy and power your home efficiently. Eight 350-watt solar panels form the backbone of this setup, allowing you to harvest abundant solar energy throughout the day. Paired with four 220Ah batteries, this system offers ample energy storage to keep your home running smoothly even during cloudy days or power outages.

A 60A controller efficiently manages the flow of energy between the solar panels and batteries, ensuring the best possible charging and protection for the batteries. The heart of the system is the 5KVA inverter, providing enough power to handle a variety of household appliances and devices simultaneously.

With this package, you can power a range of essential devices, including TVs, bulbs, freezers, fridges, low-power consumption fans, home theaters, laptops, phones, blenders, a 1HP borehole, and even a 1HP inverter AC. Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, stay connected, and handle everyday tasks without worrying about soaring energy bills.

Our 5KVA (48v) Package is not only about convenience and comfort but also about embracing sustainability. By utilizing renewable solar energy, you’ll be contributing to a greener future while reducing your carbon footprint. Take a step towards energy independence and experience the freedom of clean and reliable power with our 5KVA (48v) Package. Empower your home or small business with this eco-friendly and cost-effective solution today.

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